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Oral cancer is mainly squamous cell carcinoma originating from the mucosa of the lips, ¾ anterior tongue, cheek, floor of the mouth, hard palate, alveolar process smile direct club vs byte, gingiva and alveolar triangle (according to the American Joint Committee on Cancer and the International Classification of Diseases). Oral cancer is diagnosed more often in men than in women, and the average age of oral cancer patients is 50 years. Oral malignancies account for 1/3 of all head cancer cases. Almost 90% of cancer cases are oral squamous cell carcinomas (OSCC ), and the remaining 10% are rare forms, such as: melanoma, lymphoma, salivary gland tumors, tumors growing from byte cysts and secondary tumors: in the lymph nodes, bones, fibroids, lymphoreticular. In Poland, oral cancer remains within 1% of all cancer cases, but the specificity of this disease places it high in the patient mortality statistics. Almost half of the patients show up for medical control in the advanced stage of the disease, which significantly worsens any prognosis for the future. Oral Cancer Causes: The most cases of oral cavity cancer are reported among patients around the age of 50. About 6% (data from 2014) of patients were under 45 years of age. Unfortunately, the hallmark of this type of cancer is that patients ignore symptoms. They only appear for consultation when the tumor interferes with speech or swallowing, or is clearly palpable with the tongue. Most often smile direct club vs byte, the early symptoms are underestimated and considered to be temporary canker sores and ulcers. Heavy smokers and alcohol abusers are at the highest risk of developing oral cancer. Cardiogens released during cigarette smoking influence genetic changes in the cells of the oral mucosa.Heavy smokers are seven times more likely to develop mouth cancer than non-smokers, and alcohol abusers six times more. The combination of both addictions increases the risk of oral cancer incidence by 38 times! In addition, inhalation of harmful cigarette smoke has an impact on the susceptibility to cancer of the mucosa in the upper respiratory and digestive system. Another risk factor is poor oral hygiene. Inflammation caused by poor hygiene causes the persistent presence of bacteria and changes that lead to cancer.Infection with human HPV is also a significant cause of oral cancer incidence. It is assumed that 20% of mouth cancers and up to 80% of throat cancers are related to HPV infection. The papillomavirus affects gene mutations and genome instability in epithelial cells. Chronic mechanical damage smile direct club vs byte, such as persistent biting of the lip or the inside of the mouth, failure to use dental procedures and poorly fitted orthodontic denturesYoung people who have oral sex with more than six partners are also at risk.People avoiding a vitamin-rich diet from fresh fruits and vegetablesOverexposure to the sun's rays (for lip cancer) What Symptoms Should Worry The Patient? Lesions around the mouth with a white, red or white-red color Bleeding lesions within the mouth Any lumps around the mouth and cheeks Any bumps and lumps Changes in physical sensation inside the mouth (numbness, tingling, etc.) Ulcers Difficulty swallowing Difficulty moving the tongue Change in taste Trouble articulating words Pains of various kinds (tongue, ear, inside of the mouth) Fetor from the mouth Trismus Excessive production of saliva Oral cancer diagnosis If oral cancer is suspected, it is necessary to take a competent sample of the tumor and undergo a histopathological examination. The test result determines the nature, type, size and degree of malignancy of the tumor. Additional Tests Needed To Diagnose Oral Cancer: Neck ultrasound Computed tomography X-ray of the jaw and chest Abdominal ultrasound (to detect potential metastases) A tumor with a higher degree of malignancy, which, however, has not managed to occupy the sentinel nodes smile direct club vs byte, is excised together with the nodes or subjected to radiotherapy

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